Custom 50th Birthday Card

So what do you get the president of a successful retail POS display company for his 50th? – A display of course.

In secret, the team brainstormed a few of his favourite things. And since a real Ducati was not in the budget, we opted for a more modest approach.

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The Canadian Passport – Hidden UV images

Under a black light, Canada is quite colourful


The Canadian passport has potentially earned the unexpected distinction of being the coolest passport to pull out at a rave. The pages of the new passport (released in mid-2013) are covered in fun and colorful UV-reactive images that can only be seen under a blacklight.

Oh Canada, you’ve done it again


Iridescent inks bring these passport pages to life.

No one said that National Security couldn’t have a little flare

The “secret” UV images are cleverly incorporated into the parts of each page that are visible under normal lighting so that the two complement each other when seen under UV light. These images, along with a biometric chip in the back of the passport, are all security measures designed to ensure that duplicating or forging a passport would be as difficult and complicated as possible.
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