Mondelēz invites you to experience the “magique” of Carnaval

Winter Wonderland

For over 60 years now, the Québec Winter Carnival has been a tradition that attracts tourism from around the world. While some aim to survive the season, others celebrate it. In Canada, it is known from coast to coast. It’s part of a larger national identity that has a reputation for wonderful memories.

For 15 years, The Mondelēz family of brands have been sponsors of this magical event. And once again, they are inviting others to be a part of it with an exciting French retail promotion. Proprint was asked to design the creative and produce a series of retail POS displays.


Learn more about the History of Carnaval here.
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Trident and Dentyne take a “new twist” on Retail P.O.S.

Take this one for a spin

Traditional dump bins are common among skus that need to be piled into one location. They are usually easy to assemble and easy to fill. But the word “easy” was nowhere to be found on the briefing for this one.

Trident and Dentyne are two complimenting brands that like to turn their Retail Point of Sale positioning inside out from time to time (just to keep consumers engaged and on their toes). The result is a retail dump bin that is a little different than what consumers are accustomed to seeing.


Retail POS Twist Bin – Trident / Dentyne

Twist and shout

This innovative Retail P.O.S. Twist Bin is an eye-catching solution that is shoppable from all angles. It also carries strong branding areas in a relatively modest retail footprint. An abstract approach with strong retail impact. *Not to mention: Pretty cool to look at.


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Video – Cadbury – “Eyebrows” Television Commercial

Raise your brows if you love Cadbury

This television commercial is one of our favourites. Not just because of the incredible brand work Cadbury has done over the years, but these two kids are beyond adorable. So break off a couple of Dairy Milk squares and enjoy this cute TV Spot.

Cadbury continues to innovate with the seasons.

If you liked that TV Spot, you’ll probably like this one.

We try our best to track down some of the best advertising supporting retail. Retail P.O.S. Production is a passion of ours.


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