Kraft Project Play Retail POS Displays


Program runs May 1 – June 14

Kraft Project Play is helping to build a better future by building better places to play. To help bring this exciting initiative to life, Proprint was tasked with designing a series of Retail Point of Sale displays to engage consumers and drive traffic to the program. It was a fun project to design – and it shows.
Starting May 1st – be sure to check out our displays in your local grocery stores across Canada.

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Kraft Dinner retro advertising and packaging


Take a tasty trip down memory lane

Kraft Dinner could very well be North America’s first convenience food. Preceding the TV dinner by nearly two decades, Kraft Dinner was first introduced to American test markets in 1936.

By 1937, the product was launched nationally across Canada and the United States, selling 9 million boxes in its first year. (That’s allot of noodles).

At Proprint, we love classic ads and retro retail packaging. So we couldn’t resist taking a closer look at some earlier examples of KD.

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