Retail Point of Sale display – Back to School Locker

Mondelēz International takes us to school

They say that the magic is in the details.
The team behind the Proprint Creative Engine believe in this firmly. So does Mondelēz apparently.
While branding and structural design are certainly very important, every now and then a project comes along that changes the game.


I wouldn’t describe this bilingual locker bookcase display as “designed”. This was thoughtfully “Illustrated”.

Mondelēz tells stories with their brands. They draw you in and make you take notice.

Isn’t that what great Retail P.O.S. is supposed to do anyway?

*Mylar locker mirror – love it.

Branding is fun. Painting brands over functional retail structures – that’s even better.

Look at some of these nice touches, like the iPod earbuds threading through the vents. This was a love letter to the back to school season.

If you like that you’ll really like this:

Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Creations Point of Sale Display

Eye-catching Summer POS

When you think about Summer, you can’t help but to think about ice cream. Chips Ahoy has launched a delicious selection of Ice Cream Creations cookies (and complimenting POS) intended on stopping consumers in their tracks. And their efforts may be doing just that.
Sales are up and shoppers are reacting enthusiastically to this energetic POS.


We all scream for Ice Cream

Maximizing the retail footprint

Capitalizing on the use of Chips Ahoy‘s adorable cookie characters, the Proprint Design Team has placed them behind a traditional ice cream cart. Inviting consumers to give into their curiosity and Summer ice cream memories. We expect to see these delicious fellas leveraged in the future.
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Christie Oreo Holiday Retail P.O.S. Displays


T’is the Season for amazing Retail Point of Sale displays

Oreo is a brand that knows how to make an impression at the grocery level. This inspiring example of creativity caught our attention immediately.
Mondelēz International has the Holiday Spirit and they are not afraid to express it.


Twist and lick

The Oreo “Wonderfilled” Television Commercials are so adorable.
You got a minute? pour yourself a glass of milk and enjoy this:
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Mondelēz Strikes Online Video Deal With Google

The snack giant’s largest digital media push ever

Mondelēz International, the international candy and snack giant whose brands include Oreo, Trident, Nabisco and Cadbury, today announced that it has signed a global agreement with Google focusing on online video, the company’s largest digital media deal to date. The agreement includes markets in North America and Europe as well as emerging markets in Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific…


Mondelēz International goes for it!

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Mondelēz International “rings the bell” on Back to School Snacks

Retail Point of Sale Students – Take your seats

One of the great things about Mondelēz International, that we have come to admire, is their approach to retail POS. While other brands fight amongst each other to stand out on the shelves, others park themselves front and centre. That’s what’s happening here.

All aboard.

All aboard.

Mondelēz does not ask to be part of the back to school snack category. They claim it.

Second year running

Something must be working right. Last year’s design has been taken up a notch with the addition of the adorable Minions from the Despicable Me franchise.
If you have kids, chances are you have heard your fare share of minion impersonations around the house.

Never underestimate the retail power of cuteness

We saw one of these retail displays being set up

So we stuck around to see how it looked…
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Trident and Dentyne take a “new twist” on Retail P.O.S.

Take this one for a spin

Traditional dump bins are common among skus that need to be piled into one location. They are usually easy to assemble and easy to fill. But the word “easy” was nowhere to be found on the briefing for this one.

Trident and Dentyne are two complimenting brands that like to turn their Retail Point of Sale positioning inside out from time to time (just to keep consumers engaged and on their toes). The result is a retail dump bin that is a little different than what consumers are accustomed to seeing.


Retail POS Twist Bin – Trident / Dentyne

Twist and shout

This innovative Retail P.O.S. Twist Bin is an eye-catching solution that is shoppable from all angles. It also carries strong branding areas in a relatively modest retail footprint. An abstract approach with strong retail impact. *Not to mention: Pretty cool to look at.


Always have. Always will.

Oreo Wonderfilled – Television Commercials

Mondelēz knows how to get to the creamy centre of young imaginations

This entire campaign is well – wonderful. After a brief search, we soon learned just how many genres and styles it touched. Flexibility like that gives you a wider range of effectiveness. Each is bound by a simple melody that seems to stick with you long after it’s gone. Isn’t that the essence of a good spot? We think so.

Mondelez International

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Sure. Just twist and lick these examples below:
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