Limited Edition Bottle Designs by Coca Cola And Trussardi

One hundred years of packaging design

Coca Cola marks its 100th anniversary of bottle design with a brand new series of packaging in partnership with Trussardi. This limited edition collection of aluminium cans and glass bottles rock the stylish, signature aesthetics of the
luxury Italian fashion house.


Refreshing approach

The cans feature three different designs composed of a striking splash of colors, an eye-catching motif and a dazzling gold backdrop that resembles the detailed texture of lizard leather.

These designs will debut at Expo Milan 2015 and are likely to hit shelves in Italy soon.

Individual pizza slice box concept keeps hands clean

Any way you slice it, this is a clever idea

Pizza and greasy fingers go hand in hand. It’s a small price to pay for one of the world’s most popular fast foods. But designer Yinan Wang has a cleaner take on it.


Geometric approach

I’m not certain if this could catch on. But the intention is smart.
Good packaging doesn’t just house a product. It interacts with it. And in the best examples – improves it.

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Detergent Packaging with tear off scoop

Here’s the scoop!

When it comes to designing responsible retail packaging, you have to consider the environmental impact and usability. It’s just the right way to do it.


Smart and Simple.

Designers Yang Guo, Qiaoge Yang & Wenju Wu considered the contents and came up with a design that has really inspired some thinking here in the Proprint Creative Studio today.
I’m not entirely certain that consumers would forfeit their plastic scoops over night in favour of this design. But I do believe that there is a segment of the market that would consider trying it.


Is this the future of packaging?

Contained utensils in the packaging is so in step the packaging trends that we have observed and set. I wonder what other versions of this philosophy will show up on the shelves.



Environmentally considerate

Proprint is FSC certified.

Buncha Farmers Manuka Honey Soap Packaging

Clean and Fresh Packaging Design

Established in 2006, Buncha Farmers was comprised of a group of farmers and local artisans from the Greater Toronto Region, Durham and York areas of Central Ontario.
Their line of Manuka Honey soaps are all-natural and smell terrific.

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Mountain Milk Packaging


Mountain Milk Packaging

A nostalgic twist on a classic product

If I woke up this morning and saw this at my doorstep, It would certainly make my day.
Everyone here in the design studio was really taken with it’s exquisite typesetting and cleanliness.
All in all – a home run.
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