Beefeater 24 packaging

The classic London-based brand spreads it’s creative wings


We are fans of this approach

Gin and tonic is the usual drink of choice for many but what about Gin & Tea? Beefeater 24, Gin & Tea is inspired by the beauty of asian tea ingredients and the package design reflects ornate asian floral patterns. The gin bottle is contained in a box, that when opened is reminiscent of a traditional asian wooden fan.

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Craft Beer Carry-All

Whatever you do, don’t spill the beer.

Anyone who has ever had to carry an armful of frothy cold ones back from the bar to their table knows how tricky it can be. Especially if you have to navigate a thirsty crowd at a beer festival or food event.
Here’s a clever approach to carrying your pints. Simple and stylish.

Nike Air Pillow Packaging


What else would it be wrapped in?

The packaging embodies the qualities of the product

Nike Air has always pushed the envelope with its branding and packaging. Here is a great example of both in one shot. Who needs a shoe box? – when you can walk out of the store carrying a transparent bubble of beauty. Love this one.
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Cardboy Printer Ink Cartidges

These adorable little fellas are CMY OK with us

Taking advantage of the shape of these plastic printer cartridges, Cardboy has created some memorable brand characters. By simply adding some eyes to this foursome, this common office supply has been transformed into something cute and fun. Well done.

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Kraft Dinner – Let Your Fun Out

Having a fun Summer? Kraft is.

Kraft Dinner is still knocking our socks off with some great retail POS and commercials like this one. This is a brand that always over-delivers at retail because it has an established voice. It identifies with the young and the ones who grew up with KD*.

*If you are reading this post internationally, please consult the closest Canadian to explain the cultural and emotional significance of Kraft Dinner.

Loosen your fancy ties. Put down those shiny staplers. It’s time to let your fun out.

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Kraft Dinner has street cred

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