Cadbury Halloween Point of Sale Displays


Nobody does Halloween quite like Cadbury. For this season, they have gone all-out to capture attention and imaginations with this charming POS series.

This dimensional haunted house pallet topper is part of a POS kit that includes base wraps to cover product pallets, wobblers and bookcase side panels. Each are dressed with whimsical Halloween jack-o-lanterns to capture the spirit of this holiday season.

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Labatt Blue Thousand Islands Bridge POS Display

Labatt Breweries has been shaped by nearly 170 years of brewing excellence and commitment to the communities where they operate. So it’s no surprise that when it comes to capturing the attentions of localized markets, they excel at it.

Local appeal

For a strategically-selected region of retailers around the Thousand Islands area, Labatt wanted to reproduce the look of the iconic Thousand Islands Bridge by incorporating it into an engaging store display series.

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Can I have S’more?

It’s the first official day of summer, and nothing says summer like s’mores! I still remember my first taste of a s’more… what’s not to love about that ooey, gooey, sweet combination of melted chocolate, creamy marshmallow and crunchy graham cracker – yum!
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Lego Atlantis Retail Point of Sale Display

We love Lego

These simple retail displays from the Lego Store are great examples of a branded displays that allow the product to shine. Lego is the hero here. As it should be.

I wonder how many kids are getting Lego this Holiday Season?

There are a few wrapped gifts in this house that have that special “Lego shake” to them.

Augmented Reality Packaging Kiosks

If you have not been into a Lego Store in a while, do yourself a favour and just pick up a box and hold it infant of one of the kiosks. Right before your eyes, a Three Dimensional, animated display is projected on your box. In real time, it adjusts to the box you are holding. This is the future of packaging.