ZigPack kraft cardboard wine bottle carrier


2017 European Product Design Gold Award Winner

Here is a clever design for carrying wine bottles. With no locking system or glueing, this one-piece zig-zag fold provides an efficient way to transport your vintages.
Imagine walking into a party with this. All eyes will be on you and the bottle that you are travelling with. Now if only someone would design a cardboard corkscrew. Then you would really have something.
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Barilla Retail Point of Sale Bookcase Display

Just like Mama used to make

Barilla‘s point of sales display look clean and crisp. Perfect for the simple designs of today and emphasis on the product itself rather than the display without the product. It really lets the product speak for itself. I also love the nice navy blue colour so that it is gentle on the eyes. Simply beautiful.

This display has a header card with a French contest promotion.


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The simple explanation

Experience gives you the ability to break down complex ideas into clear communication. Developing merchandisable displays for retail is no walk in the park. If you’re going to do it, you might as well be the best there is at it. Or else, why bother?


Proprint can explain everything you need to know about retail POS production simply and directly.

Proprint understands what you need.

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