Retro P.O.P. Culture – Coca-Cola Branding

Refreshing inspiration from a classic brand

Coke has grown into a legendary brand. In many ways they pioneered retail point of sale (P.O.S). And they have been doing it so well for so long, Coca-cola has become a part of our global POP culture.
Today we decided to explore the history of Coke P.O.S. and advertising, and what we found is that it’s much larger that we ever thought. Enjoy some of the examples we have gathered.


Summer refreshment

One of the most recognized brands in the world

The iconic American brand is recognized instantly around the globe and sold in more than 200 countries. Additionally there are thousands of subsidiary beverages that you might have no idea are owned by Coke.


Classic glass coke bottles

Altogether 1.7 billion servings of Coke products are consumed every day.

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Coke Zero Inverted Retail POS Display Pyramid

Flip it upside down

Coke Zero really caught our eyes with this imaginative retail illusion. I imagine a few shopping carts have stopped to take a double take themselves. And in the business of Retail Point of Sale Production, Isn’t that the name of the game? :
Getting shoppers to pause and take notice.

Great Retail POS is about taking the impossible and making it possible.
Coke Zero has executed a tremendous example of just that. Nice job.

Get a closer look at the project brief here.

Coke Zero Inverted pyramid retail pos display

Coke Zero Inverted pyramid retail pos display