Ubisoft – Ghost Recon Wildlands – Retail POS Display

Gaming and Point of Sale design are both strategic disciplines

We have several gamers right here at Proprint. On top of that, kids at home who also love the thrill of a good game.
Here in the Proprint Creative Studio, we have a soft spot for amazing brand illustrations.
During an internal brain storm session, someone brought up some of the amazing creative coming out of Ubisoft. It didn’t take long before we were researching their game art and getting pretty excited about it.

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Take Out Coffee Cups

A Double Double dose of creativity

Here is a new take on portable purchased coffee. You have both cream and milk at your disposal as well as a built in handle for when your cup to too hot to hold.

Small, simple, easy to use and very creative.

We like our structural design concepts like we like our coffee:
Strong and thoughtfully brewed up.


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Retail Point of Sale Display – Structural Design

structural design retail point of sale displays

The foundation for retail success

The Proprint Retail POS Structural Design Team is a special group. They take a briefing and a couple of sketches and magically convert them into die cut mock ups that can be tested and dressed in graphics.


It starts with the right structure

Engineering displays that satisfy and exceed expectations is a specialized skill set. You have to think about things a little differently. From several angles. That’s what makes this team so special. Their creativity is a blend of artistry, physics, geometry and an abundance of imagination. Separately, each quality has it’s value. Together, they are the perfect balance for great POS display design.
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