Proprint SickKids Toy Drive 2016

A special delivery for special people

Every year, Proprint, their clients and suppliers, all come together in the spirit of giving. We’re pleased to say that this is our 3rd year and undoubtably our most successful one.

The Toronto Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is an organization that has a special place in our hearts. The work that they do there is nothing short of inspirational. As are the wonderful children and their families that they care for.


A collection of smiles

What started as a modest collection of toys, began to grow into quite an expression of love. We can’t seem to help ourselves:

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SickKids Annual Holiday Toy Drive


Kids inspire us

Every year, a curious thing happens here at Proprint. Usually starting in November, toys begin to appear. Dolls and games and action figures mysteriously start to pile up in our POS showroom. At first a trickle, then over time the collection grows into something special.

It’s no secret:

We also have a great deal of appreciation for the fine people who care for these special kids. Together with the love and support of their families, good things happen – every day. That warms our hearts.

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