Nivea Sun – Van Display

Hitch a ride

Nivea has designed a fun and creative display for their water and facial cleansers. I love the idea of a van cruising around the neighbourhood providing people with refreshing beverages to rehydrate during this hot summer season as well as preventing blackheads and dry skin. I also appreciate the push for cancer research in the UK. Just another reason for us to feel welcome and thankful for the amazing efforts of Nivea. Keep up the good work guys!


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Evian Live Young Retail POS Display – (Video)

Clean. Crisp. Refreshing Point of Sale

Evian required a sturdy, but stylish enclosure to stack bottles of the finest water you can lay your lips on. They turned to Proprint to handle the print production.

The result is a retail POS display with clear branding and a clear purpose: To move water into shopping carts.



So “what’s up with the surfboards”?

I’m glad you asked:

Evian Baby Bay 1:30 Television Spot

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Barilla Gondola Retail POS Display

Showstopper display

This display uses it’s footprint to draw consumers into the brand with thoughts of Venice. It has a pair of dump bins for product and an archway that really captures attention.
Barilla knows the importance of making an impression in the pasta aisle.


Venice in the pasta aisle

Gluten-free selections as well


Healthy alternatives for dinner time.

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