The Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102

Offset Printing Workhorse

The Speed Master CD 102 is a straight-printing press capable of producing high quality
prints at a speed of over 14,000 sheets per hour. To this day it remains highly effective at
printing commercial jobs
, package design operations, as well as label printing, specializing
in up to 6 colour printing.

Great Performance at a Low Energy Cost

The need for environmental awareness and safe production is on the constant rise within our
modern day society as we analyze the impact of production on the environment. If this is a
concern of yours than look no further, the Heidelberg Speed Master CD 102 has got you
covered. For a great price at a low energy consumption cost the Speed Master CD 102
surpasses the expectations of todays industry. This is important for companies and clients
alike who may be interested in environment friendly production.


Price and energy benefits are far from the Heidelberg Speed Master CD 102’s only advantages
in fact theres quite an array of features and implemented devices that come together in
combination to make the CD 102 straight-printing press a great machine.


Heildelberg CD102

Heidelberg Speed Master CD 102 utilizes ultra modern equipment. An air transfer system
has been installed in order to help the machine in preventing any paper contact during
sheet travel. The Auto plate feature ensures swift plate changes shortening any prepare
time. Ease of operation is important to the Heidelberg Speed Master CD 102 as it
contains many unique assistance features:

  • The machine contains a central suction tape with three individually
    controlled suction chambers.
  • Automatic pile entering for precision sheet feeding material-dependant
  • You can rely on uninterrupted production due to the machines on the
    fly pile changes.
  • The Heidelberg Speed Master CD 102 runs important situation
    dependant pre-dampening and post-dampening phases.
  • Ink changing is never a problem thanks to the machines Ink
    fountain liner.

The machine is even capable of running self washing operations with outstanding
results. This is of course due to the implemented automatic wash up devices.
These devices are program-controlled and greatly decrease the amount of
preparation time required to get the machine up and running again.