(Video) The Power Ball XX: Carousal – Giant Archway Entrance – The Power Plant

Making a dramatic entrance

Every now and then a print production project comes along that really captures our imagination. This was one such project:


Entrance Archways are an imaginative way to take an event to the next level.
The Powerball is an event like no other, so it required something extra-special.
– Something larger than life.

Proprint was asked to help on this project for 2 reasons;
The first –  Their 25+ year reputation for large-format print production and swift turn around.
The second – Their love and support of the Arts.

Proprint was founded on creative expression. They don’t just like art. They love it!

The Power Ball

Power Ball is The Power Plant‘s major annual fundraiser, which has set the standard as one of the most influential and vibrant Art Galas in Toronto. Attracting a sophisticated ‘Who’s Who’ of guests, this party is a collision of fashion, film, media, finance, advertising, music and the visual arts.


Large Format Print Production

For this project, the Proprint Digital Production team selected our INCA R40i Digital Flatbed Press to do the heavy lifting, chosen for its large format capabilities and incredible quality.  The Speed of this press was also a factor because as usual we were working with a challenging timeline and several custom pieces.

* Read more about the INCA here.

Below are a series of large format standees that are part of the interior decor:


Creative Approach

Bompas & Parr were responsible for this imaginative creative. They designed the graphics to work with the die lines provided by the Proprint Structural Design Department. This project required a great deal of teamwork and communication.


Bompas & Parr have earned a reputation of working with galleries, museums and Arts Organizations around the world.
*Learn more about Bompas & Parr here.

Motorized glances

In addition to printing, the Structural Team also had to design some mechanisms to move these eyes up and down. After some trial and error, they came up with a light weight solution that worked like a charm.



Enter another world

Like all Proprint displays, this structure was designed to be assembled by one person, which leads to a swift set up. It also means a quick disassembly once the event is over. Both are equally important.


About Power Ball XX: Carousal

The Power Plant collaborates with fashion house Max Mara, for the fourth consecutive year, to present Toronto’s most notorious art party, Power Ball XX: Carousal.

Come celebrate Power Ball’s twenty-year standing as the Art World’s unofficial adult fun-land this Thursday, 31 May 2018 and join us under the big top of The Power Plant for a carnival-esque mashup of art, edibles, waggishness and tomfoolery.

Revel in Power Ball’s decades old tradition of naughtiness, titillating discoveries and mischievous provocation as the gallery is transformed into a transitory space of circus-ry fit for the party’s big, bacchanalian birthday bash—all in support of the ambitious exhibitions and programming at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery.



Looking to make your own dramatic entrance?

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