Trade Show Booth Design and Production Services

Proprint is building relationships at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

The Buildings Show is one of the highlights of the year for us. We get a chance to reacquaint ourselves with old friends, as well as shake some hands with the people behind the ever-changing face of this city. We never miss it.

This year, we decided to step up our game and design a trade show display that showcased what we do and who we do it for. What better way to do this than by making it out of the very materials we specialize in (printed substrates). We treated our own brand like a case study. We wanted to show a clear path from friendly introduction to project discussion.

Our positioning for this show is clear. We offer:

Printing Services for Builders, Real Estate Marketers and Designers

Design Mandates

This display needed to be designed and produced within a 2 week time frame, using only printed material and assembled by one person. It also needed to work within a 5′ x 10′ footprint and be no higher than 8′ tall.

Another important factor was theming it around the city that we call home: Toronto. Anyone can print a banner with a stock photo of a skyline on it. We wanted to make a love letter.

Specialized Photoshop Required

Our Creative Engine and Structural Design Departments work together closely. Unfortunately, this is not the kind of design work that you would want to hand over to a junior design team. This requires the kind of attention that comes with over 25 years experience in dimensional production. Adjustments are made along the way so that both teams understand the effects of their actions on each other and the files. Very few people would look at the image below and see the CN Tower. We see things differently.

We started with a flat photo, then we added dimension and enclosed it in a sturdy frame. We considered how people would interact with it and we chose our language thoughtfully. A small model helped us to visualize the final product. Interior Designers and Architects often use this technique to present concepts. We work with the very same design applications so our turn around is swift.

There is no half way to the top

The files that we build for our clients are always clearly named and properly constructed by our Production Studio. We do this knowing that these files may be visited later on, sometimes by designers who are seeing them for the very first time. We think ahead to save time in the future.

It’s not the fastest approach – it’s the correct one.

Equipped to handle tight timelines

For this project we selected our INCA R40i Digital Flatbed Press to do the heavy lifting. It was chosen for its large format capabilities and incredible quality.  Speed was also a factor because we had specific timing to consider. That’s what this machine brings to the table for our clients: Dependability.
* Read more about it here.

Leave an impression

Handouts are also important. To remind those we meet to connect with us in the future, we have developed a series of 6″ photographic slides with daytime and nighttime shots of the Toronto skyline. The high rez photos were printed on clear plastic and sandwiched between a card stock frame.
Unique enough to inspire curiosity, interesting enough to provoke an expanded conversation.

Some assembly required

In order for a trade show display to be a success it has to be successfully assembled. That’s why in addition to designing a great structure, an instruction sheet must also be made to ensure assembly goes smooth. Our clients appreciate this extra level of consideration. We often include an assembly video link as well. There is a real sense of satisfaction when everything just fits. A concert of cooperation that ends in a striking trade show display.

A landing page is key

Unfortunately, a trade show display cannot tell the whole story. You need to continue the conversation. In addition to print services, our team can help you create content that points your audience in the right direction. A destination that you can quantify success through visits and communication.
How do we leverage the Construction / Design and Real Estate Marketing industries?
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