Ubisoft – Ghost Recon Wildlands – Retail POS Display

Gaming and Point of Sale design are both strategic disciplines

We have several gamers right here at Proprint. On top of that, kids at home who also love the thrill of a good game.
Here in the Proprint Creative Studio, we have a soft spot for amazing brand illustrations.
During an internal brain storm session, someone brought up some of the amazing creative coming out of Ubisoft. It didn’t take long before we were researching their game art and getting pretty excited about it.

Target Acquired

Normally, our client service team is the one to say an initial hello. But this time it was our creative and structural design departments that reached out. After all, we were motivated by the creative in the first place.

We introduced ourselves to the Ubisoft team and told them that we were fans. We also expressed that we specialized in dynamic retail displays. But rather than just talking about how much we wanted to work with their brands, we asked for an opportunity to show them.
Truth be told: We just wanted to get our mitts on some great artwork. Something that could challenge us. No brief. Just inspiration.

A blank Canvas

Naush Ibrahim, head of the Proprint Structural Design Department, came up with an efficient structure – not only for assembly, but use of materials; complex to design, yet easy to assemble.

Great Art + Thoughtful Design = Solid Point of Sale

Ubisoft was nice enough to provide Photoshop files for our Creative Department. As we hoped, the art was multi-layered, well constructed and labelled. This made our task of applying graphics that much easier. We added some shading touches, but aside from moving components into their ideal positions, we left the art intact and unmanipulated.

Good design is also about knowing when to step back : allow the original art to tell it’s own story.

Going “Multi-player”

This project was so enjoyable because we had a chance to deal with a brand that really knows who they are. Just listening to them talk about their games was very inspiring. We interpreted those conversations into the best possible solution. Right from the get-go, both sides could tell that we were on the same frequency.

We found the Ubisoft team to be very proud of their games and subsequently, the gamers who master them. That fanbase deserves attention to detail. It was apparent to us that this game required Point of Sale that really stood out in a highly competitive environment.

We happen to take that responsibility quite seriously. Stunning imagery requires optimal attention to detail. We went the extra mile on this one because it deserved it. What made this assignment special is that it was not driven by budget. That allowed us to put in the hours required to do it properly. Keeping focus on our mission:

To showcase the artwork, branding and communication the best way possible.

Ghost Recon Wildlands : A closer look

Limited Edition

The purpose of this project was to not only capture some attention, but challenge ourselves as well. Our audience?:
The very same gamers and parents here in the office who started this whole thing.
The production department assembled two versions. One for us to display in our showroom, the other to send to Ubisoft.
Across the board, the reactions were positive.

Fun to make

Although this display was never intended to be put into retail, it did open the door to our next Ubisoft project: For Honor.