Are robots taking over your local grocery store? (video)

They’re taking over

Ever walk into a shopping center to pick up your groceries for the week and you can’t find the items on your list? Then, you go to an employee and all they can do is shrug their shoulders? Why don’t you try asking the robot walking down the aisles?

Toronto’s 4D Retail Technology Corp. has developed a solution that will blow your mind. They have created a stock-taking, store-mapping 4D Space Genius robot.


This robot allows customers to find specific items within large grocery stores as well as assist employees on what needs to be fixed or replaced on shelves.


What does it do

The 4D Space Genius scans shelves while traveling down aisles and collects data that can be accessible through an app for the customers to use as a map of the store. They can then follow the map and search things they are looking for , get a price or need assistance.


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